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Chakra Stone Button Kantha Coat

Chakra Stone Button Kantha Coat


Repurposed remains of a vintage Kantha quilt. Weave'n Woe focuses on saving discarded fabrics to avoid the land-fills. Drawing inspiration from the ancient art of japaneese mending, called Boro, we salvage every scrap possible for "mindful mending meditation" sessions. Each coat is mindfully HAND-SEWN. Every stich recives a mantra, transfering healing-energy through the mending process. We belive energy lingering in these old quilts themselves, in combination with the intentions behind each stitch, reforms the metaphysical vibrational frequencies held in the physical coat itself, like being wrapped in a literal blanket of good-vibes.

This particular garment has the addition of seven gemstone buttons, each one correlating to a chakra. Amethyst for the crown (for openness and connection), lapis lazuli for third eye (for clearity), turquoise for clearing of the throat (aiding in receptivism and better communication skills), green jasper in this case for unblocking energy blockages of the heart chakra, tiger eye for solar plexus (IBS or other digestive/ intestinal blockages), yellow jasper for sacral flow (letting go of codependancies/ over indulgencess), and lastly, at the end of the button row is a red jasper button aiding root chakra flow. (letting go of trama based fear achors).  

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