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Repurposed Quilt Coats with Intention

Weave’n Woe, an E-shoppe offering one-of-a-kind coats, made by hand, out of repurposed vintage quilts from around the world.We make gender neutral coats for all, specializing with matching sets for children and dogs.

All pieces are hand made using repurposed thread and sewn mindfully with intention.

We believe these quilts carry lingering energy left behind from the original seamstresses of these blankets.

After handcutting and handsewing pieces of reporposed quilts to make if feel like your litterly wrapped in a blanket of positive vibes. 

All the threads we use to sew our creations together, as well as the vintage quilts themselves, have been recycled, repurposed and/or saved from land fills. 

Our mission is to reduce waste by repurposing old quilts, sheets, and blankets and create truly one-of-a-kind handmade hug-like coats.



Weave’n Woe is an active participate in our nonprofit community outreach program specializing in “mindful mending meditations”. We teach children as young as 2, in groups of as many as 25, how to sew. Through guided meditations adults, and children alike, learn how to mend their own rips, sew on a patch, or swap out buttons. This active meditation is entrancing enough to drown out the world around you. An ideal headspace to be present! Leaving all ability levels with a sense of accomplishment and self satisfaction lasting far beyond the meditation.

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